What do other Brides Say about their Reception?

What did your guest think of the evening?
"Everyone is still talking about how beautiful everything was and all had a great time!!"

What and where could we improve?
"I can't answer this one because I cant think of anything!!

Did we meet or exceed your expectations?"
"Definately exceeded our expectations!! We could not have imagined anything better!!"

Catering: Tell us about your dining experience, was the food hot? Served as agreed? Waiters and Waitresses friendly? Pricing??
"It was wonderful!! The food was great, hot, and very flavorful!! The service was great and they were very freindly, accommodating, and always making sure we had enough and that we were all happy!! They even came to find us when they left to give us their best wishes and to say goodbye!! Pricing was good, compared to many many others out there, the pricing was definately fair!!"

Bartenders - What did you think of them? What did your guests think of them? Did the bartenders identify with your guests?
"They were very friendly and no one ever had too wait for a drink! End of evening they even help pack things up."

Music - Tell us about our exclusive DJ (Crystal Sound), tell us about your expereince? Did he meet or exceed your expectation, did he get your guests on the dance floor, ...did he keep them there?
"I absolutely LOVED the DJ and the music, he took requests all night, I didn't stop dancing!! Everyone was saying the music was wonderful, and when I told him absolutely no country, he stuck to that. I didn't know what to expect so he for sure exceeded all expectation. There were always people dancing. Seemed like he was having fun too!! lol"

What was the highligh of your evening?
Not sure if we could pick just one thing, but if I had to, it would be the dance part, i looooove dancing, and when my bridesmaids had a special dance and presentation for me with fake mustache's I would have to say that was pretty awesome. Everyone laughed and had a good time with that!! lol

Costs: While we make every attempt to offer a great facility for a reasonable cost, did your wedding reception (and cermony if held here) come in at or below what your expected?
"We all thought that the pricing was extremely reasonable. There is no extra cost for liquor, you pay only what the liquor store charges you then whatever is left over and unopened. This is the best, you save a lot of money here!"

How would you rate us for providing good value for what you wanted?
"On a scale of 1-10 , for sure a certified 20!!!!"

Optional Light Package If you had our optional light package, what did you and your guests think of it, did it enhance your reception and your dancing expereince?
I loooooooooved it!!! It added so much to everything. Looked so beautiful and the pictures we have with it in background turned out so amazing. It was fantastic. People were talking very highly of it!!


"....many of our guests gasped when they walked into Patricia's, with the white curtain backdrops on the walls, the mirrors and the twinky lights, it looked like a Cinderella ball! It was much more than a hotel.

The dance floor is much nicer and bigger than many other weddings, the parking is easy and free, 'kid friendly', personalized service, the one-stop shop idea - putting a wedding together on short notice - we had everything taken care of in just one stop.

It's Private! We have been to weddings where there is a sign in the lobby indicating as many as half a dozen different functions going on at the same time in multiple rooms. When you go to the washroom (often way down the hall) there is a line-up of strangers from all the different events. At Patricia's we had the place to ourselves.

Kids enjoyed playing with the balloons and friends didn't have to worry about their children's safety.

There was lots of food and it was GREAT!

As far as we're concerned, we had a blast and everything went great. In comparison to other weddings we've attended ...this is a big improvement over hotels.

Our over-all expereince was 'incredible'!"

Dorothy and Michael


"Thank you for everything! We enjoyed our evening newly married and enjoyed our time with you at your venue! Amazing environment, friendly staff and overall a great time with friends & family! Sending you some photo's of our big day - will continue to spread the word about your venue :)"

Over-all Experience: "Magical! Really nicely done, music was good, food was excellent. For everything included in the base price definitely cost friendly, very affordable for any size wedding, other venues don't offer what you provide in the base price."

"Amazing, 5/5 great venue great hosts, great staff! Wonderful night, would recommend to anyone and already have! I hope to see you again in the future!"

Monique Oliveira


"You made plannng the wedding easy. Our guest were very impressed with the location, they loved the way the place looked and were surprised they had never found this gem before."

"....you made the process of putting together a beautiful memory for our daughter and son-in-law easier and so doing, made it more enjoyable for us. The fact you were so flexible and answering our hundreds of questions only strengthened our belief that indeed, we picked the right place to have our daughter's reception. Thanks so much."

Bernie and Kim Nelson


"Both my husband and our guests agree that we couldn't have chose a better place. It was a great location and the room is absolutely gorgeous. You exceeded our expections. You were very accommodating to everything we wanted. This also helped us save some money. The food for the night was excellent. I did appreciate them giving the table cloths before hand so we could set up. It definitely is better than hotels for receptions because you are more flexible than any hotel.

Thank you for a magnificent time we loved it!"

Kathleen And Ryan